A Reason To Love: A Poem

Call it cool,RTL
Call it calm.
Call it settling,
Call it song.
Call it strength,
Call it fear.
Call it close,
Call it dear.
Call it real,
Call it truth.
Call it live,
Call it youth.
Call it free,
Call it loud.
Call it fierce,
Call it proud.
Call it a blanket,
Call it a glove.
Call it a reason,
A reason to love.


Let The Blood Leak Through: A Poem

I see birds fly high,BloodPoem
I see it done with ease.
I say, “I could do that
If I were born in a tree.”
But I was born in a clinic
With two legs, no wings.
I’m my own worst critic
In a city of kings.
Bred, born and raised
For a life on the wire.
Elated, evasive;
Creative misfire.
Abrasive, amazing, persuasive?
Ingenious; I’m keyless,
I’m Vitamin K.
Lately I’ve been longing
For a new inspiration;
Upgrade my fate
With a new affirmation.
I’m late on my dues,
Drinking whiskey for two,
Put my pen back to the pad
And let the blood leak through.

The Fish That Hold Their Breath Underwater

It not like this fish is out of the water. We are meant to be right where we are. How come it is so difficult to live? Why does society make it so difficult to sustain life?

This world, full of resources, has been robbed of it’s very own purpose; to sustain life. Sure, my two story house in the mountains and the ridiculous array of shoes in my closet don’t support my case, but I’m curious as to why we’re paying the government to live on the land. Why am I struggling to pay for gas after being persuaded to buy a brand new “gas efficient” vehicle? Why did I spend $30 at the bar last night while I have bills overdue? Obviously we have done it to ourselves, but why? Why hold our breath, when the necessities of life are directly before us. 

I smoke, I drink, I’m wasteful, I don’t succeed to all that I am capable of, and, oh yea, I’m broke. Left penniless after wasting my own resources on shit that doesn’t matter. 

Its like our decisions are society, and our lives are earth. We do to this planet as we do to ourselves. Waste. The fish that hold their breath underwater. 



Life, Love and Music

lionlogoLife seems to show it’s ass in the most inappropriate of places. Love concurs when all else fails. And music, well, music reminds us that everything will be okay.

Whether you are a mortician, a relationship psychologist or a rising Hip Hop artist, it is life, love and music that influence our journey. The most organized and precocious people will still, without a doubt, be lead off-path by life once or twice in a lifetime. The most hardened of criminals will still shed tears to their mother’s shoulder once or twice in a lifetime. And a deaf man will still find rhythm.

The real perspective that I am trying to convey is the one of an innocent child or a stray dog; Trust your instincts, love when you feel love and have faith that life and love will set the tone for all else to follow.

This isn’t “chick talk” Coorunnin-Ali

This is an understanding

That as much control we do have over our journey, life, love and music will always be a deciding factor in all your actions.

You never know when life will show it’s ass and change your path, you never know when love will take hold and change your path, but you do know that if the baseline of your footsteps is bumping, than you are still alive and moving.





Coorunnin Announces New Album “Sonni Daze” With Release Date and Album Art

Sonni Daze

Sonni Daze

Today we get news that Coorunnin will be releasing his first studio LP “Sonni Daze” on July 24 of this year. This album has been a work in progress since the beginning of the year and apparently is not quite finished yet, but today we get the official album art and a release date. Featuring tracks like “Small Talk”, “No More Class” and the 4th installment of his credible series “Music and Marijuana”, Coorunnin is bringing that snappy Midwest flow that we all love and lyrics that will have you wondering why he’s not writing presidential speeches.

Unlike previous work we have seen from Coorunnin, most of the beats on the LP were produced by the Coo kid himself. Also, we find production by Bless3k and sditts. Expect to hear some truly unforgettable records on this album.

So far, we are seeing features from his teammates, Ban2.0, Chikis, DJ Ben (From Hustlenometry) and Utah rapper WrighterZ Block. Coorunnin seems to be keeping it close to home with the features, can we expect him to surprise us with a special guest?

So where did Coorunnin come up with the name of his first studio album? Well we all love Sonni Daze[Sunny Days], and oddly enough, this is the name that Coorunnin and his fiance have chosen for their expected baby boy.

As for the album art; simple, but seemingly sentimental, (Keep in mind Coorunnin does all his own artwork), this cover will most definitely grab your attention. Notice the sonogram picture is actually Coorunnin and fiance, Alison’s, unborn child – due to enter the world October 17th. You might notice the album art looks familiar. This is because Coorunnin used a spoof album cover for LIl Wayne’s Carter IV as inspiration.

We can expect to see a tracklist in the near future, Coorunnin seems to be putting final touches on the album now with the help of his very own, aspiring and independent label, SiC Productions.

Catch Coorunnin perform June 13th at Shred Shed in SLC, June 20th at Salon Eclipse in Provo and July 12th at 5 Monkeys in Murray, UT.

Q1 Album Release Party

Q1’s release of his new album is turning heads! Tomorrow night at The Muse in Provo he is throwing his official release party!

Q1 reached out to myself, Dallas Wayde, Hustlenometry, Mista Walk and Mr. HK to help put on a real show for the city! Come out and support Q1 and all local hiphop!

Link to the event on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1432838336967675/